Root Tried new firmware now phone won't start help plsease :)


Hey all,

So I decided to try and upgrade to Froyo after i couldn't get the Kries reg. trick to work.

I was using [13.10.10][CF-Root v1.2] JPH JPK JP6 JPM JPA - superuser+busybox+2e, CWM compat! - xda-developers website to upgrade the kernal? to enable "2e" recovery, apparently what I needed to do to be able to do the firmware upgrade listed on [ROM] [FROYO] Voodoo Doctor Edition v2.0 | Universal Lagfix | CWM recovery - xda-developers.

So anyway I obvioiusly missed a big chunk of information on the basics, and basically I put the phone in download mode "Down volume, home, power" then I opened Odin and chose the .tar file I downloaded from the first link, and hit start. After this the phone just sits at the Galaxy start screen white letters saying "Galaxy S GT0I9000 Samsung"

It just sits there won't go any further. So obviously I've flashed it with the wrong firmware (kernal).

I can still go into download mode, so I'm guessing there is a way to fix this I'm just not sure how >.<.

I've gone into reset mode and hit reset to factory but that obviously doesn't help as it resets it to the last flashed firmware which was bad.

The phone was brought from Smartphones, HTC, Sony Ericsson, Blackberry, Nokia, Brodit, HP iPAQ, Palm - Clove Technology the details I have from the phone in kries regedit were:


Does anyone know what files I can use in Odin and the phone's Download mode to restore it so I can at least turn it on?

Any help greatly appreciated!!!