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Tried rooting, bootloader in loop, battery voltage too low

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by abqgolfer, Aug 10, 2010.

  1. abqgolfer

    abqgolfer Lurker
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    My G1 is 1.5 years old w/o any probs until yesterday.
    Out playing golf and G1 is sun, battery died due to drain from GPS golf app. Went to car to recharge. After a few minutes I turned back on and got a Red, Green Blue white screen w/ warning that battery voltage was too low, press action key to continue. I don't know what I pushed at that time because I did not know what the action key was. Then it went to the RGBW screen, flashed a 'no image file' warning and back to RGBW screen.
    So I tried the following instructions (very clearly written - great thread):
    [ROOT GUIDE] Stock-2-Cyanogen / Update ROM

    Phone rebuilds and everything says OK and successful, press action key to continue. I press down on the track ball and it goes to RGBW screen. I then press home+menu+end and it turns off and back on.

    The phone immediately goes back to option to rebuild phone (grey screen) with option 'end button' to rebuild or action button to cancel.

    If I choose end button then I go thru the same rebuild all over again with no change. If I press down on the trackball I get sent back to RGBW screen again.

    I am in a loop. I don't get the next step of gmail setup.

    Please help. Somewhat of a noob to terminology

    Read a thread that said maybe its the camera button stuck. They say to unstick the button and turn on (duh - how do u do that?). Well, I've picked at the camera button with my nail, cleaned out any residual dirt, pressed the cam button several times, it goes in/out just like always, doesn't appear to act or feel like its stuck.

    Is the low voltage batt warning have anything to do w/ it?

    Your help is appreciated. Thank you.
    Abqgoler (Abq - Albuquerque NM)

  2. The K-Zoo Kid

    The K-Zoo Kid Well-Known Member

    SAME EXACT problem here....

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