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Tried this on CM9 and am noticing a real speed boost

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by ErroneousBosch, Jan 3, 2013.

  1. ErroneousBosch

    Thread Starter

  2. dsmryder

    dsmryder Android Expert

  3. thangfish

    thangfish Android Expert

    Been testing this on cm7 for about an hour or so.
    Can say that at least it hasn't caused any problems so far.
  4. running good on the latest cm9 camera build
  5. jr9306

    jr9306 Member

    Do we use the apk as a replacement for all the other attached files or do we need to use all the files?

    EDIT: Never mind I got it.
  6. MikeRL

    MikeRL Android Enthusiast

    I miracle cure hath been found! I will link to your advice and credit you and whomever created the XDA thread ASAP for the benefit of all.
  7. sweener

    sweener Newbie

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  8. dsmryder

    dsmryder Android Expert

    Now this is something I like seeing. Everyone coming together to help where ever they can
  9. thangfish

    thangfish Android Expert

    I have found that the on/off button in this app is unreliable. During testing, I have found the button showing "off" but the app was actually running. Alternatively I have found the button showing "on" but System Tuner showing it as Stopped.

    Edit: after seeing app as stopped, and turning it back on, verified in System Tuner, then posting this message, went back to System tuner and seeder was again stopped.

    Seems to need a bug fix
  10. Yakuman

    Yakuman Newbie

    I tried this on my Triumph with the Sharp rom and don't notice much lag. I'm not qualified to comment on the engineering. This could be like the placebo of painting the side of your CDs with green marker to improve the sound.

    I honestly don't know, although I'm certainly skeptical.
  11. thangfish

    thangfish Android Expert

    Just installed update, v 1.1 had same issue with not running for very long. My buddy installed out on his old Droid x... Same thing.

    The jury it's still out for me until I can keep it running.
  12. dsmryder

    dsmryder Android Expert

  13. makosinski

    makosinski Newbie

    Thanks dsmryder, it appears all this is really doing is forcing the CPU governor to keep the CPU at an elevated frequency which pretty much defeats the purpose of a CPU governor. I'm assuming battery life would suffer...
  14. thangfish

    thangfish Android Expert

    I disagree. I'm not seeing any obvious differences in CPU clockspeed times.

    If this is indeed true, the increased clockspeed times are so miniscule that they are not noticeable on the charts. Smartass 2 gov, btw.

    This would be easy to test, if say raising your minimum clockspeed to whatever elevated level you think is causing the effect, or perhaps using performance governor (I wouldn't suggest that one as you will definitely see an extreme decrease in battery life) and just uninstall the apk.

    I want to know if the app has to be running continually, or does it just have to be run once at boot (to make the change it makes) and then that change sticks until reboot.
  15. shawndak089

    shawndak089 Newbie

    I installed this on my CM9 triumph and saw an immediate boost in speed. No longer have to reboot my phone when it starts to lag and after starting up its immediately ready to use, no lag. Had it for 3 days, have not noticed battery decrease. It did something to make my apps open a bit faster and close out faster. Thanks
  16. Rcarnes91

    Rcarnes91 Android Enthusiast

    I put this on my cm7 triumph and have not noticed anything yet even tried some heavy games played same as normal I will give it a couple days and see how it does on battery
  17. thangfish

    thangfish Android Expert

    My experience as well.
    Looks like 2 thumbs up for CM9, 2 thumbs down for cm7.
  18. Rcarnes91

    Rcarnes91 Android Enthusiast

    I will try it again next time I use cm9 maybe it will work on that better
  19. dsmryder

    dsmryder Android Expert

    That's what I like about this group. We help out and have many data pionts. So it seems that this might get worked in to CM9. There was a part on how to intergrate it. Maaaaaybe next week, if g60 doesn't do it first, I can slap together a "test" build with this in it.

    Gotta set the calender reminders.
  20. zajrik

    zajrik Member

    I can't say its not a placebo effect, but things are running well for me in CM9 using it. I don't see the frequent key board lag I used to have, apps open and close in a snappy manner, and in general it feels smoother like it was freshly booted, but all the time. My battery seems to be worse off, but I can't say that wasn't happening prior to using this because its been pretty bad lately, but I'm not using any particular battery saving methods.
  21. makosinski

    makosinski Newbie

    Read the post sweener put in Fix '90%' of lags in android (Needs Root) : Android

    From what it is saying all this is doing is firing off a randomizer at 1 second intervals. Yes that will hold your governor's cpu speed threshold to the upper end. The ranomizer itself is going to use CPU cycles to run so what would make you think the CPU governor wouldn't be affected?

  22. Rxpert83

    Rxpert83 Dr. Feelgood

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  23. makosinski

    makosinski Newbie

    Read the xda post
  24. thangfish

    thangfish Android Expert

    Already did.

    I never claimed this did anything, I'm just saying that if it DOES anything at all, it definitely hasn't raised my clockspeed... And I can prove that much anyway. Would posting a chart of my clockspeed distribution with and without the apk installed, over a 8 hour period prove it to you?

    Quality of random data is a whole different issue, but I have seen no apparent effects, either positive or negative.
  25. thangfish

    thangfish Android Expert

    Um, because I have been logging my CPU speed/time distribution, using system tuner, instead of taking someone elses word for it.

    Why don't you you post your personal results instead of quoting others? There's also a ton of posts to the contrary, some that say they have lowered their speeds, while seeing performance increases not seen by raising the speed without the app.

    There's just too many opposing results being posted to draw any sort of consensus without doing your own testing. I did. That was my results.
    As always, ymmv, and I won't argue with whatever results you see in your setup. Just stating what I have personally seen in mine.:rolleyes:

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