Oct 22, 2009
I am running GalaxHero 1.1. I tried to enable swap. First, I used the recovery mode and selected format ext. SD card with swap, then i restarted and enabled compcache and set it to 2 (now I see it should have been 0). Then I restarted and I just get the Android splash screen running forever. Can anyone suggest a solution?

Thanks in advance,
adb logcat during boot might help.

you may try this:

enter recovery mode
adb shell
vi /system/etc/galaxo.conf
I can read through the conf. file but can't move up and down to change anything. I tried just typing the commands as you have them (compcache=no) into the shell and nothing happens. when i call up the conf file again there is no change. Am I doing something wrong? Can I find the file and open it with a text editor then save it back again after I edit? Thanks for your help so far...
adb remount
adb pull /system/etc/galaxo.conf . (it will copy galaxo.conf to your pc)
edit galaxo.conf and change the line with compcache to no.
adb push galaxo.conf /system/etc/galaxo.conf
adb sync
reboot phone
Excellent! Took me a minute to realize that I had to add to the commands where I wanted to copy the file to on my computer, but then everything worked. Instead of turning off the compcache, I just changed it to 0 and then the phone restarted fine. I really appreciate your guidance. Thanks a lot.