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tried to update my Samsung Galaxy S3 and screwed up the phone need help

Discussion in 'Android Help' started by Android Question, Dec 19, 2013.

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    I have a At&t Samsung Galaxy SIII its unlocked and the model number is an SGH-i747m I just wanted to update the firmware to the newest update but I failed. What i did first was I started up Odin and put the phone in Odin mode (hold power+volume down + home button) then I pushed the volume button up and selected a i9300 update which failed it did not go through ( I found out this is not even the correct update for my phone). Then I wanted to restore the phone its factory settings because I kept getting notified that the firmware did not update to connect to Kies but kies will not recover the phone. It asks me for a recovery code from the other PC but I never did any sort of thing on another computer. I don't know how to get my phone back the Samsung opening will come on but will turn off right after. Im so frustrated I just do know what else I can do to save my phone can anyone help me. And my level of flashing a phone and stuff and putting a new update to a phone this is the first time doing this so I really dont know what the heck im doing can anyone help me out, thanks.

    Phone specs:
    S/N: R21C64A1SYJ

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    Hi and Welcome

    That's not good. You tried to install a rom meant for a different device. You may have written it off - but maybe not!

    Suggest you try looking at this

    [SAMSUNG GALAXY S3 UNIFIED TOOLKIT V7.0] Drivers, Backup, Root, Recovery + MORE [GSM] - xda-developers

    It probably seems complicated but it is necessary to understand what you are doing. This toolkit will guide you through most of the possible actions. I also suggest you register on the forums and ask for help in the s3 all things root forum where someone will be able to have a 2 way discussion with you.

    Good luck

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