Trillian for android


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Can we have it now please?


On the pc its a "all in one" im app. I would guess it woudl be the same on here. you can use it to do yahoo, aim, fb and a few others I think.


Not so...the Trillian app will support the same list of networks as Meebo when it becomes available. Just throwing that out there!


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For those brave enough to try this app out please report back with sleep time and battery consumption... every chat client so far have been less than acceptable.

Dang cabbie beat me to it lol


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My multi-IM client of choice is pidgin, but I believe that was written in C++, and I doubt anyone will want to port it to Java. oh well.


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I use trillian on the comp cant stand clutter of official chat clients. So hopefully this trillian pulls through.


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What do these apps do?

If you have friends on all sorts of IM clients: ICQ, skype, YIM, AIM, MSN, Gtalk, etc, Trillian allows you to have one master buddy list. One app, and all your contacts are available. No need to have 69 different clients open.


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Testing it out now.

EDIT: First impressions. It's beautiful, I can change my icon, status doesn't show goofy ads like eBuddy, it shows the latest message from chats IN the buddy list, and did I mention it looks awesome?

If the battery life is decent, this is THE app for your IM needs.