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Computer does not recognize Trio Stealth. What driver do I need? And where do I get it?


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Have you checked that it's not just a dodgy USB cable? That's the most common problem - try a different one.

If it is drivers, then they should install themselves. There was probably an installation issue. Try the following:

- disconnect the phone from the computer
- uninstall ALL phone related sofware and drivers from the computer
- restart the computer
- restart the phone

If your phone came with PC software, install this - do NOT connect the phone until prompted.

If your phone did not come with PC software, connect it to the computer

In both cases, do NOT disconnect the phone until ALL drivers have successfully installed.
Did SiempreTuna's response fix the issue? I have a Trio Stealth Lite 4.3 and my PC can't find an android driver for it either. I was working through the pdanet setup and it was all going find until I went to tether my android to my PC and it couldn't find the driver. I have search and searched and can't seem to find one.