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Triumph on sale at Walmart for $188

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by keisukehonda, Apr 19, 2012.

  1. keisukehonda

    keisukehonda Member
    Thread Starter

    Walmart's website has the Triumph on sale for $188. I'm thinking about getting it, though I'm hesitant. Any advice on whether I should pick it up now (currently stuck using the Intercept) or wait for the HTC One V/HTC EVO 3D/price of the Triumph to drop even more? I wouldn't mind waiting a couple more months to get a significant upgrade (I've suffered through the Intercept for almost a year now), but having a Triumph now sure sounds good.

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  2. MediocreBadGuy

    MediocreBadGuy Android Enthusiast

    If you can wait, just hold off until there is more news on HTC phones or the Triumph drops a bit more.
  3. markzombie82

    markzombie82 Android Enthusiast

    I would guess it went down because of the HTC phone and that could be why walmart started selling it edit: (they were not previously been selling it have they if they were I was not aware that they were.) because now they could get a super deal on an inventory surplus.
    My guess is they will go all out selling it at that price until the HTC one v comes out then it will take another dip. So if you want a cheap mt wait for HTC or if you want the latest and greatest also wait for the HTC . The second dip won't be much though. I've worked at walmart as my second job for the last 4 years and have noticed how they operate they love surplus .
  4. droopies

    droopies Member

    I got mine last year right after Thanksgiving. Other than the big screen and memory capacity I am now beginning to feel that even at $149 it was a waste of money.

    Terrible 3g speeds (or none at all), short battery life, slow gps, bad headphone jack, wacked out charger port, bluetooth that doesn't connect EVERY time. I am tired of it. I was pissed when I found out work was going to stop reimbursing us for phones, but now I am glad since I found out I can at least get something with Android on it. It's got to be a least as crappy as this.
  5. Tejer

    Tejer Android Enthusiast

    I noticed this a day ago and began to order it. Compared to the $209.00 Triumph that Amazon is selling now, this seemed like a great deal. BUT! But, after I began the checkout process with Walmart.com the tax was $18, so it came out to about the same price anways with shipping! I ended up ordering the Triumph on Amazon this morning and will get it with free 2-day shipping so it's coming this Saturday! I'm coming from the Optimus V which I really like, but I really want the larger screen, camera flash, auto brightness, faster processor, etc.
  6. Seanette

    Seanette Android Expert

    (grumble) My husband and I got our Triumphs two months ago, and paid $280 each.
  7. dhi29

    dhi29 Newbie

    the triumph is a terrible phone. you should certainly wait. i'm returning my triumph and getting a galaxy nexus on straight talk.
  8. Dobstyle

    Dobstyle Lurker

    For every person that says the phone is fantastic there is another saying it's awful. That seems to go for every android phone. I love and hate my HTC Thunderbolt. I am literally taking the thing to a firing range when I port my number out to Virgin.

    The price on Walmart is fantastic and they take PayPal. I would roll with them before touching Amazon. (Opinion)
  9. OverByter

    OverByter Resident Slide Rule Guru

    Yeah but you can't beat Amazon's return policy, if there is anything wrong and it's their fault they send UPS right to your door to retrieve the item at no cost. Or if you prefer when you get your RMA they'll tell you how much they will reimburse you for postage if you decide to ship it yourself. All this with no questions asked or BS restocking fees. The only thing that they don't do is accept Paypal but you can't blame them for that. It would be like expecting Walmart to honor your Sears card.
  10. marc12868

    marc12868 Android Expert

    or you can just get VM to replace it for free no matter where you bought it...
  11. thebryceee

    thebryceee Android Expert

    Like I just did lol
  12. taha1112

    taha1112 Member

    me too although i bought it used :)
  13. OverByter

    OverByter Resident Slide Rule Guru

    Yeah but I was thinking if you wanted to return it for a refund Amazon is your best bet. And when you factor in shipping and taxes from Walmart the price difference is negligible. As for Virgin, I was putting my Intercept on Ebay and while I was checking it over I discovered that it would not connect to wifi, called Virgin and they sent a replacement to me for a phone that I purchased in November 2010 so yeah for exchanges it definitely doesn't get any easier than Virgin. How the hell do they stay in business?
  14. ziddey

    ziddey Well-Known Member

    That's pretty nice. The first time I tried to get a replacement for my Triumph, they told me it was out of warranty. Finally got it taken care of after an hour on the phone
  15. Prey521

    Prey521 Android Enthusiast

    $188 is way too much for this poorly built phone. $150 max is what I'd pay.
  16. keisukehonda

    keisukehonda Member
    Thread Starter

    Considering that VM's website still sells the LG Optimus Slider for $199 and the Venture for $99, I'd say $188 is a fair price for the MT.
  17. keisukehonda

    keisukehonda Member
    Thread Starter

    The Triumph is currently sold out on walmart's website, so looks like Amazon is the place to go if you still don't have this phone and want it.
  18. markzombie82

    markzombie82 Android Enthusiast

    What ever you do don't get a refurbished mt my new mt does not have any of the problems posted previosly . Just as an fyi the new mts are good.
  19. Jawshewah

    Jawshewah Member

  20. Seanette

    Seanette Android Expert

    Wasn't feeling patient enough to deal with shipping times, and was under the impression the phone was new enough I wasn't likely to see prices much under suggested retail (which is what we paid).
  21. Jawshewah

    Jawshewah Member

    I paid $250 for over-night...still a better deal.
  22. mikel81

    mikel81 Newbie

    I paid 140 for one last week and am considering switching back to my optimusV already. I figured even at that price I couldn't go wrong, but if I can't at least get the battery to last a day the phone is unusable to me.
    I have spent the week tweaking settings and uninstalling apps to get half a day of charge. (cm7+JD ultimate controlling wifi, etc.) The optimus would be at 60% after 18 hours moderate use, on cm7 without changing anything. I never even considered a phone wouldn't last a day without being charged at least once. This is quite frustrating.

    Oh and I experience half the problems I read others have. Random reboots, slow to connect wifi, home and back keys randomly don't work. When it is working as it should it is a very nice phone, but I am starting to wonder if I should have held off for the htc.
  23. Silence99

    Silence99 Newbie

    Don't count on Juice Defender turning off WiFi, you have to do that yourself, if you don't, the phone will not enter deep sleep and will have high battery drain even when it isn't being used.
  24. doboy

    doboy Well-Known Member

    Mine fried itself just sitting idle in my pocket. I know I can get a replacement from Virgin, but I may just jump ship to $30 Walmart T-mo plan and buy either an Exhibit II or unlocked Galaxy Nexus.
  25. nannycrick

    nannycrick Well-Known Member

    I like to know what Walmart you're shopping at. I'm east coast and we can't see anything but corporate greed & price gouging. Example- gas prices!

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