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Trouble connecting Android Studio to Samsung S2 Tablet

Discussion in 'Android Development' started by mdsousa, Jan 9, 2019.

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    I'm trying to connect a Samsung Galaxy S2 Tablet with Android 7.0 on it, to a windows 7 pc with Android Studio 3.2.1. I've enabled Developer Options on the Tablet, but it still does not show up as one of the choices from Android Studio's Run->Run->Edit Configurations. I'd expect there'd be a menu option like Connected Devices->Galaxy S2 or something to that effect, to be one of the selections to run on, but it's not there. Am I missing something to get the Tablet to communicate with Android Studio? The tablet also quite often, pops up a window asking if I want to allow the pc it's plugged in to, to make changes to it.



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    Post #3 by mdsousa, Jan 10, 2019 (1 points)
  3. lunatic59

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    This is more of an Android Studio question that an S2 Tablet question, so I'll move this to the developer section. Hopefully someone will be able to help you there.
  4. mdsousa

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    I've been able to get this to work. Not sure if this was it, but I found a utility from Samsung called SideSync that is installed on both the Samsung Android device and on the Windows PC. This allows the screen of the device to show up on the PC. Once I did this, Developer Studio recognized the device, and I was able to deploy the app onto the device.

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