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Trouble playing music on Droid X

Discussion in 'Android Media' started by spiceygas, Nov 28, 2010.

  1. spiceygas

    spiceygas New Member
    Thread Starter

    I need some help with playing mp3s. The songs themselves play, but I have trouble sync'ing files.

    - Droid X
    - Android v2.2
    - Music App: Cubed player (The stock music player seems to hang occasionally)

    1. When I sync files (PC Mode or USB mass storage), the phone sometimes doesn't recognize the files in the music player. If I navigate to the files via the folder app, they're definitely there. But they often don't show up in the app to select and play.

    2. Playlist files (.m3u) sometimes show up and sometimes don't. I created the .m3u's with Winamp on a Windows7 box. Again, I can navigate the directories and confirm that they're there, but the music player doesn't alway pick up on the new files and display them in the UI.

    Is there a step I'm missing to notify apps that there's new files to load and play? I've tried rebooting the device, formatting the SD card and reloading. Everything I try is hit-or-miss.

    I feel like there's something really obvious that I'm missing.


  2. spiceygas

    spiceygas New Member
    Thread Starter


    Anyone? I've sorted out transferring songs, but playlists are still hit-and-miss. Not understanding how to do this is driving me nuts.

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