Root Trouble Rooting Razr M

Is it normal to be asked to generate a bug report during root. I saw in the XDA website that if you get an error message you might need to wipe data and clean cache just didn't know if i should be expecting the bug report if i'm not getting the error message.

anyway to my point. i've tried rooting several times and i'm always asked to generate a bug report. i do and get a three short vibration confirmation that the bug report has been generated. i hit a key to continue, it tells me root was successful and hit a key again to reboot. i do but i have yet to root my phone. i'm running 4.1.1 completely reset phone to get rid of any data/cache issues but i just cant make it work.

any thoughts?

motofail2go screenshot:




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I did the swap.
I'm not real sure that I'm successfully creating a bug report. I follow the instructions and I assume that I'm getting the appropriate response from my phone to indicate that a bug report has been created it's just the exploit never finds it


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well I started over from scratch....downloaded the exploit again...swapped the su files and now I got root. maybe just a corrupt download? anyway I'm rolling now.


I am new here so any help would be greatly appreciated! I am having trouble with rooting my verizon razr m. I am running JB 4.1.1. I have tried the suggested method using motofail2go. I have not yet had success. For some reason I get as far as the part where it says *Installing fake package... Usually at this point i hear what sounds like i unplugged my phone, but haven't. I have replaced the su and superuser files as suggested,and completely restored my phone. But still no luck. Does anyone have any information about this? Thanks in advance!