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Trouble syncing Google contacts and contact groups w/ Exchange ActiveSync

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by lhalman, Feb 5, 2011.

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    Hey Folks!

    This is my first post here. Thanks for keeping such a great community of support!

    I've been having issues with my MT4G using Exchange ActiveSync to sync my Google Mail, Calendar, and Contacts, specifically in terms of my contacts being able to make it into the EAS from adding them into Google, but not the other way around. I would love to know if there is any way to have the contacts added into the phone into EAS show up in my Google Contacts as well.

    I decided to use EAS when I noticed that my GMail app was using IMAP instead of POP3 and I became really frustrated with the implications of that. I was excited, having come from a basic SIM phone, to sync my contacts with Google, to be able to have groups that I could sort easily, and to be able to sync my calendar and email seamlessly. I had been using an iPod Touch and was excited at the possibility for email and calendar sync and expected similar seamlessness once I started on the MT4G.

    At first addition of EAS, I had tons of duplicates and so decided to remove all of the Google Contacts from my phone since I really love hands-free phone commands and was regularly having it ask me "Mobile 1 or Mobile 2?" when they were the exact same number. That seemed to work okay, and in general, my contacts seem to be showing up perfectly if I add them to Google, but if I add them to EAS on the phone, they do not show up in Google. Is there any way to move past this?

    Also, one aspect I was excited about was that I made extensive groupings so that I could have an easier time sorting my contacts when I needed to call several people from a certain group. However, I haven't seen any capability in the contact book to actually use these Google groups I've created. All I see is "Company directory", and when I type the group name into the search, it comes up with no contacts.

    Any help on either of these issues would be so appreciated!!!



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