Trouble using Google Play Music with Go Locker


I just upgraded my old Motorola Droid X (running 2.3.x IIRC) to a Motorola Razr MAXX HD (running 4.1.2) on July 4th.

I had a bunch of music on my SD card, which transferred over fine. Almost all of my apps transferred as well, including Go Launcher EX/Go Locker. On my Droid X, I'd often use the music player capability of Go Locker to control my music without unlocking the phone. (The lock screen doesn't have much; just play/pause, prev/next song, and a display of the current song and artist.)

When I got my Razr, the music app looked almost identical to the one on the Droid X, and the music functioned perfectly fine with the Go Locker. Yesterday before going to bed I set up Google Play Music to have a backup of all my stuff (125 songs plus 5 audiobook chapters), just in case.

Today, the music app on my Razr looks almost identical to the layout of, which is very different from what it was yesterday. Further, I can't control the songs from my lock screen any more. The lock screen still shows the current song/artist, but none of the controls function.

I just tried uninstalling the updates to the music player, reverting it to the factory version. That returned the appearance of the app to what it was yesterday (I went ahead and stopped auto-updates, as I really don't particularly like the layout of the Google Play Music site). However, the music controls on the Go Locker screen still don't work.

Any help would be much appreciated!

Edit: I just noticed that the Back/Home/Recent buttons (which are part of the LCD on the Razr) are showing up on the lock screen, and I don't recall that being the case yesterday. I could be wrong about that, though.