Help Trouble using "path keyboard" functionality


Android 4.1.2 with tmobile -

I use "path keyboard" feature of the LG keyboard and love it for the most part. Problem is I'll occasionally swipe my word and I see it appear but then it quickly disappears. I then have to re-swipe it.

The fact that it correctly appears on the screen tells me the LG keyboard recognized what I was trying to type. The puzzling piece is what exactly is causing the word to disappear immediately after.




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It may be possible there are some phones with a somewhat faulty touch sensor and that may trigger phantom "presses". Does it happen all the time or only a few times? I had an issue with Swype app where some words I had typed would backspace after typing in a new word, not sure if it's a bug but I can't seem to replicate the problem with SwiftKey. Or it could just really be a bug with the LG keyboard app.


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only happens sometimes.

Yeah, it does appear like something is causing it to backspace over the word. Maybe I'll give a non-stock swipe to type app a try. Thanks.