Help Trouble with HTC Hub downloading wallpapers, etc...


I can't seem to download any wallpapers from the Hub... it says server error, and to try again later. Is it possible to download wallpapers or are they not available? I can download ringtones, themes, but that's all for now.

Can anyone get me the wallpaper Texture_05_5, the red brick wallpaper?
Same here. I understand that HTC Sense is having issues (and has for months without much improvement). Maybe HTC Hub is a related issue. I imagine HTC will sort it out at some point but still, it's pretty poor that it rarely works months after the service's release.


I'm having issues with the HTC Hub, specifically the wallpaper. I downloaded a few of the wallpapers, and was able to use them fine. But then the next day I noticed they are missing. I figured out they are placed in a folder called downloads-->wallpaper. Anyone else have this issue?