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Support Trouble with my HTC ChaCha

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by RIOTcore, Dec 8, 2011.

  1. RIOTcore

    RIOTcore New Member
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    I've had my ChaCha for a few months now, and recently it's started to loose its battery quickly when I've been in work so haven't been using it, when I charge it it's like the port has a loose connection because as soon as the phone gets moved the slightest, it stops charging, now I've tried this with different chargers incase it was the charger but still the same problem.

    It's also started to not turn on and the orange light flashes when it chargers...it's like it doesn't respond to anything, can anyone help me out please ?

    Much appreciated!


  2. Longshorts

    Longshorts New Member

    Jan 3, 2012
    Customer Consultant, Carphone Warehouse
    St. Andrews, Fife, Scotland
    It sounds like you have a loose connection on your charging port. The best way to rectify this is to book it in for repair with the retailer you bought it from. However, be cautious because this sort of problem can sometimes be diagnosed as "accidental damage" which your warrenty does not cover. Book it for a warrenty repair anyway, and cross your fingers that its just a manufactuer fault.

    In my experience an HTC Cha Cha should hold its charge for about two days. If its not, try the following:

    Go to Settings --> About Phone --> Battery --> Battery Use
    This should show you what is consuming the battery on the phone since you last charged it.

    The most common issue is a high cell standby useage. Unfortunately this can only be rectified by being in an area of higher signal. In areas of low signal, your phone will use more power in order to retain a signal, which strains your battery.

    If Wifi/Bluetooth is high on the list, switch that off when your not using it.

    If Display is high, adjust your display settings to lower the brightness or switch the screen off faster after no activity.

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