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Trouble with my lg-p500h, turning off randomly and not connecting usb!

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by imazamon, Oct 6, 2012.

  1. imazamon

    imazamon Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Hi all,
    so I have my phone for almost a year now and I feel like there is so many things wrong with my phone. Lately (for about a month) I noticed my phone has been turning off randomly but before it did not happened often enough for me to worry about it.
    For about a week now, I have been having many problems with my phone. It must have turned off randomly about once a day (today it happened twice so far). I tried to google the problem, and from what a lot of people are saying, I might need an upgrade my android from 2.2.1 to 2.3.3 and software from lg p500h V10v to lg p500h V20a. So I installed the lg mobile support tool and for some reason installed the lg pc suite IV too.
    Well I encountered another problem. At first, my laptop did not recognize the usb was connected and was treating it like a charger only even though I had the mass storage on. After fiddling with it (restarting the phone and taking the SD card and putting it back in) it finally works as a usb storage. I can transfer music, photos, etc. But when I opened the lg mobile support tool to try to update it (also installed the usb driver too) the tool keep saying that my phone is not connected and that I need to plug it in. The same thing lg pc suite IV. So basically, these programs are not recognizing that my phone is usb connected (I can open files and stuff) so I can't do anything.
    I realized this is a long message but if anybody could give me some advice it would greatly appreciated.

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  2. kitu34

    kitu34 Newbie

    Hi There! I had similar problem,in fact many times a day my phone would switch off but upgrading firmware solved the problem.Honestly i don't remember now how i did it but would like to share few things maybe it would help.First of all unclick USB in storage settings coz then you won't go through.
    I too installed uninstalled few drivers even mine was not connecting.The drivers which i still have are LG united mobile driver and MCCI(r)firmware update driver for MTK.
    But i would say uninstall if you can and start from LG support tool and install LG suite from there or even now you can do it.I think i could not install LG suit 4 so from support tool i did lg3 and it worked.But first with the current suit try by unchecking USB storage only.
    One more mistake which i did but that was coz i was not able to scroll down,i selected US coz could not scroll to India and now it has changed my phone number format which is confusing and even the date format which i managed to change from settings.
    Try it will work,but do it cooly and remember these LG won't help you directly and don't waste time on them.
  3. The CRT GT3

    The CRT GT3 Newbie

    Yes, it was happenned the problem to me. It was so ******* annoying.

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