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trouble with my phone

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by mrqs, Aug 12, 2010.

  1. mrqs

    mrqs Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    my phone got wet last sunday (sonisphere finland, look it up :) ) and that has left it with one major issue: it won't wake up if it's not connected to usb/charger

    as long as the phone is connected to a charger or to a comp via usb, it works like you'd expect
    it also continues to work just fine after unplugging, for as long as i actively use it, but when it goes to sleep (doesn't actually sleep - it gets hot), it never wakes up, i have to pull the battery (i can also simply plug it in, which will cause it to reboot... usually)

    i tried odining a new firmware on it (this jc6, provided in the latest firmware thread)
    i flashed that with drakaz' recovery 4.6.4 (i was running vanilla before)
    this flashing didn't solve the problem - i tried twice

    i also tried installing galaxo, but that was rather weird - and i've done it multiple times
    when i apply the update.zip, it installs fine; restoring g.apps also goes fine and if i boot the phone after that, it "works" - that is, it boots ok, but it's incredibly slow (without installing anything) and throwing tons of force closes
    the galaxo config 710oc doesn't seem to have any effect on the performance
    the aforementioned issue also still remains
    if however i do a wipe after installing galaxo and restoring g.apps, i can't get the phone to boot - it gets stuck in a loop on the android screen (showing the load screen for about half a minute, then going black for ~5 seconds; repeat)

    i'm now running vanilla jc6, which at least runs normally, unlike galaxo

    i've also tried blowing and vacuuming the various holes on the phone to no avail

    *edit* the "phone" part also gradually stopped functioning

  2. ct2020

    ct2020 Well-Known Member

    Try taking the battery cover off, battery out, sim card out, SD card out and putting it all in rice (phone and all)
  3. mrqs

    mrqs Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    that's to dry a device, right?
    which would be kinda late after a week

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