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Support [Troubleshooting]mail app opens invalid URL

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by mjndemon, Jan 8, 2014.

  1. mjndemon

    mjndemon New Member
    Thread Starter

    Jan 8, 2014
    Hello, I have tried searching for this issue which has only just started happening on my One. Each time I try to open an email it automatically launches the browser. Not every email does this, but most, including some that don't have any links embedded. The URL is the same invalid one each time which appears to be a mis-match of several past websites I have tried to open.

    etc I have emptied the cache and browsing history of Chrome and tried defaulting back to the stock browser.
    Has anyone heard of this issue before or have any suggestions on fixing it short of a hard reset?
    I have also tried scanning for viruses and clearing the cache on email, internet and facebook.


  2. marctronixx


    Oct 12, 2009
    34.0522° N, 118.2437° W
    are you given the option to choosing which browser to use to open these links or are they just opening up using the default OEM internet browser?

    who are sending you these emails with links in them? and are you saying if you receive an email without links, you have no issues opening up the message?

    do you have other browsers installed other than chrome? how about firefox, dolphin, etc? if not , download one of those browsers to test.

    i am not going to click the link you posted, and i encourage others not to either. could be a malicious link, so let me ask this:

    are you able to connect to the internet through your phones browser without issue?

    how long have you had the htc one?

    what carrier?

    are you rooted?

    did you install or uninstall anything prior to this happening?

    does this occur over cellular data as well as wifi?

    go into accounts and sync. do you see any sync errors?

    what mail accounts are you using? aol? msn? your own private server?

    do you use googles gmail app?

    go into the apps tab under settings, and go to the browser you are using (chrome, stock browser, etc). tick it and go to its permissions. clear any permissions you may see at the bottom of the app and re-attempt your email troubleshooting.
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  3. mjndemon

    mjndemon New Member
    Thread Starter

    Jan 8, 2014
    Hi, thanks for your response. The link is invalid. As I said in my post it seems to be a concoction of several different websites I have visited. (The http://androidforums.com/htc-one/www..com prevents anything from opening) I have been using Chrome and have moved back to the stock browser to see if that solves the issue. It appears to be a mail issue (POP). Have had the One for 4 months or more. Connect to the internet without issue from Wi-Fi or mobile data. The problem only just started occurring. I am not rooted. Carrier is 2 Degrees.
    I have deleted a whole lot of emails and it seems to have stopped doing it for now. I have also cleared the permissions as you have suggested.

    I'll keep an eye on it. Thanks
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