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Support [Troubleshooting] won't turn on or charge

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by seanxytv, Aug 3, 2013.

  1. seanxytv

    seanxytv Lurker
    Thread Starter

    My HTC One that I bought 2 months ago suddenly turned off while I was multitasking on facebook, instagram, and browsing. It doesn't turn on and a hard reset doesn't work. I went to Bell, but they told me that they would send it to HTC and I would get it back... in 2-6 weeks. I brought it back home and tried to fix it.
    If i charge it on my desktop or wall plug, the LED won't go on. When i connected it to my desktop and held the power button, it made noises, reading that i was doing that, so I don't think its a hardware problem, but possibly a software problem.


  2. marctronixx


    if you cant even reboot the device, there is not much you can do.

    seems you have attempted all that can be done. this phone is no different than other htc phones in the ways you can power it up into safe mode, etc.

    you can search on the internet for other htc phones and see if there are other tricks you can try. i just think the longer you wait around trying to fix it on your own, you could be wasting time that could be spent on getting it fixed.

    i take it you are NOT rooted?

    and you do not have insurance through your carrier?

    at this point I agree with Rush, let htc get it. you still have the htc warranty, let bell send it in on their coin.
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  3. seanxytv

    seanxytv Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Okay thanks, bell send it to HTC and I got a Samsung doner phone for 20$
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  4. tyty2121

    tyty2121 Lurker

    So i just recently had the exact same problem this morning, i forgot to charge it ver night, plugged it in, in the morning, and the thing charged up, it turned on and then when i went to move it to my laptop to charge, it died on the way and then wouldnt turn on or even show a light when i plugged it in. the weird this was that my laptop would make a noise comfirming that it was detecting something but it still wouldnt show up.

    What worked for me was to just hold the button like your trying to turn it off, while still plugged intpo mylaptop i could hear it disconnect, and after that the light came on the phone and is now currently working!! HOPE THIS HELPS!
  5. Legal

    Legal Newbie

    I got the HTC One a few months passed, but recently, it has been acting weird. A lot of apps just randomly close and my internet has gotten very spotty lately. But the worst of it all happened today. All of my apps were crashing, so I decided to restart my phone. It shut down, but never started back up.

    This was about ninety minutes ago. I tried plugging it into the charger (even though it was completely charged when I started the reboot) and the indicator light isn't responding either. Anyone else experienced anything like this? My phone is completely stock. I haven't messed with the OS at all.
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  6. Hadron

    Hadron Smoke me a kipper...
    VIP Member

    I've not experienced this, but generally with phones the charging light not coming on is not a good sign (that's not controlled by the Android OS, but is much more basic).

    I fear a hardware problem, and if you cannot get it to respond at all you'll have no real option apart from a warranty repair anyway. But just in case, try pressing and holding the power button for about 15 seconds. Do it in a brightly lit environment (really, it can make a difference). This is the force-shutdown procedure, and it's the only thing I can think of to try right now.
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  7. marctronixx


    ok lets understand what you have done:

    you said "restart". Did you FACTORY RESET the phone or just tap the "restart" icon on the shutdown screen?

    its going to be next to impossible to understand what happened, especially over the internet.

    once certian ingredients mix under the hood, one quick tap on a screen or one more app to try and run could have pushed it over the edge, :D so lets just cal it a "glitch" ok?

    your main focus is getting the phone on.

    try some button pushes:

    press and hold the power button for about 30 seconds (no you dont have to stand on one leg or put tin foil on the cat).

    just unplug it and remove external power from it.

    try power and UP button at the same time also. again holding for a number of seconds...
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  8. Legal

    Legal Newbie

    Thanks for the feedback, and apologies for my posting in the improper place.

    I tried all of the posted suggestions, and my phone continues to react like a dead fish. I suppose I have to go to the Sprint store tomorrow morning.
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  9. starchile

    starchile Newbie


    Here is why I love the internet, I love this site, and I love you and your response: I took my phone to the Sprint store and they refused to even TOUCH it without me paying $50 first b/c I didn't have insurance, I asked if there were any tips that I could try on my own before spending the money to leave it. They said "no" and that it was probably the port that the charger plugs into. I have never had any problems with this phone AT ALL and it's only a couple months old so I didn't think that was it. With my EVO when something like this would happen I would just take the battery out real quick and it would be fine. But I read many places that to do the same thing with this phone where you can't take the battery out you need to "long press the power button" or various versions of that. It didn't work for me...not until you said hold it down for 30 seconds! I know that seems simple and basic but I've been trying to get my phone to start all morning and then I found your post and now I'm back in business.

    So that is just a SUPER LONG WINDED way to say THANK YOU...I'm glad you are here!
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  10. marctronixx



    Pleased you were able to get some benefit from this site! Thank you for the response! I remember your earlier posts...

    The techs at the store are trained to make money for their employer. you would be surprised at the large number of people who blindly go into these cell stores of any carrier and spend the money on something they could have fixed on their own by a simple internet search.

    These phones are pretty solidly built and yes the weakest link is indeed the usb port, but with so many apps on the market, things can happen and a glitch can cause your phone to do things it normally doesn't. They cant really be explained and once the phone is back up and running, the issue usually does not come back.

    that was long winded. glad you are back in bizz star, and I hope Legal can figure out whats going on with his/her device as well.
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  11. neeeeeeny

    neeeeeeny Lurker

    none of this is working for me but i really need to extract some of the files from my phone before i can send it off, do you have any idea how i could do so?
  12. fizzlehiss

    fizzlehiss Lurker

    Why thank you.....worked. And the ONLY thing I could find that did!!!
  13. iwalkerz

    iwalkerz Lurker

    My htc one crashed while i was on it so i did a hard power down and then i tried to turn the phone back on and nothing happend with the phone i plugged it in to a charger and nothing not even the led light would come on! only had it 2 months do not expect this with a phone. come someone please help me with this?! I really dont wanna wait like a month for htc to fix it -.- n oh yeahs its the uk edition of the phone on the three network:mad:
  14. BRAINZ2013

    BRAINZ2013 Extreme Android User

    Hello and welcome to the forums. I see your having trouble with a android htc. Now what u mean it crashed when it shut down cause battery died. May i ask was you rooted or moded in anyway .
  15. iwalkerz

    iwalkerz Lurker

    i was using the bbm app (no hate) and it just crashed all together with any warning and that was the only app running at the time and no the battery was about half way so i don't see that been the cause and nope the phone was full stock i only mod and root after the year warrenty is up haha:L
  16. BRAINZ2013

    BRAINZ2013 Extreme Android User

    Did you try to plug to pc or laptop and see if the phone is seen adb usb connection .
  17. iwalkerz

    iwalkerz Lurker

    I plug the phone in to the laptop and it makes a sound the phone is connected but nothing happens with the phone and the laptop doesn't show anything
  18. tommo47

    tommo47 Android Expert

    Hi, have tried what marctronixx suggested earlier in this thread, press and hold the power button for 30 seconds ?.
    It may be worth a try, it worked for starchile !!

    Good luck!!

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  19. iwalkerz

    iwalkerz Lurker

    I've already tried that and nothing mate :/
  20. toddrockoff

    toddrockoff Lurker

    My 2-month-old HTC One just bricked as described above. I left it unplugged overnight. Picked it up, and power read at 48%. Suddenly, The home and escape button lights flashed 3 times each, then the thing went dark. Now, no light when power is applied, no response at all.

    I've tried the button pressing prescribed by Macronixx, to no avail. These HTC One buttons are tiny, and it's hard to know if I'm making an affirmative push. After 10 minutes during which I've held the power button for 60 secs straight while pressing no other buttons and holding also power + Vol_Up for 60 secs straight while pressing no other buttons. Nothing.

    Now I'm trying the advice from the T-Mobile website: Plug it in to the wall charger for an hour, and the light should glow. (Patience!) "While still on the charger, press and hold the Power key for 15 seconds. If the issue persists, press and hold Power, Volume up and Volume down keys for 1 - 5 minutes. This process will re-calibrate the battery, and allow you to power on the device." We'll see how we go.

    Nope. None of those funked up tricks are working, and my fingertips hurt from all that pressing (5 minutes!!).

    Gotta take it back to the shop :(
  21. Redmanc

    Redmanc Lurker

    I have recently had this issue, charge my phone everynight to take to work every morning. phone worked fine.
    This morning i took my phone into work and on my first break after 3 hours worked pulled my phone out of my pocket to realize it wont turn on, no red light when i plug it in and no response to anything.
    Been playing with it all day. tried power and volume together. bright lights on the sensors.
    Finally got it turned on after holding the power button for a minute or more.
    It worked the ninth time.
    Turned on. vibrated for about a minute and went to home screen.
    I had this plugged into a usb in a PC while doing this.
    hope this helps anyone
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  22. Odb718

    Odb718 Lurker

    My girlfriend had this same issue last night at 4 in the morning. It's finals week so that makes sense.
    I had her leave the phone with me after we "charged" it until 7am.
    I tried holding the power for 30 seconds plus. Didnt work.
    I tried holding the power + up button for 30 seconds. Nothing.
    I plugged it into this laptop, and it detected and installed drivers. I tried doing those steps again and got nothing

    I GOT IT WORKING by holding the power, the laptop would "bong" like it was being connected/disconnected and repeatedly pulling the USB from the laptop. I held the power with my left hand and USB with my right. I plugged and unplugged the USB about 7 times in about 5 seconds just while holding the power button down.

    The tiny red dot showed up. So I let it charge for about 40 minutes and hit the power. The light turned off!!
    After I held the power button I got the HTC intro screen. Seems to be charging.

    Does anyone know if this is a hardware or software issue. She's not a fan of the phone lately and if it's going to keep doing this, it's time to find something more reliable.

    Thank you guys for this thread. I made an account just to reply to it and say what worked for us.
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  23. dmarshall2844

    dmarshall2844 Lurker

    You will not believe what worked to fix my phone. It just randomly cut off and would not turn on or charge. I tried everything that was posted. What finally worked was having the phone on a wall charger, shining a LED light over every aware inch of the phone, and performing the battery recalibration button combo.
  24. Jrock7

    Jrock7 Lurker

    I was charging my HTC One just now, and it just shut off. It won't turn back on. The buttons won't work. Different outlets won't work. Kinda serious... What do I do?

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