TRRS Microphone adapter similar to the Griffin Smarttalk


Hi All,

Has anyone come accross anything similar to the Griffin Smarttalk adapter for android, for use on a galaxy s2?

What I am looking for is a microphone to plug into the mobile, which will the allow me to plug in my standard headphones. Does anyone know of such a thing? As I dont think the Griffin will work? and I have read suspect report on quality.

Many thanks


John Redcorn

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I googled that to see what it was, I was about to buy a cheaper knockoff version of that same thing but never did. I would bet that one would work for you though, the "iphone standard" trrs pinout is becoming pretty well standard across a lot of phones, the good majority of androids and all newer blackberries.

On another board someone was asking a question about another type of trrs adapter (I think it was to plug in headphones + a separate mic) and looking at the page for that thing, it was advertised as an iphone accessory and had a compatibility chart and the only incompatible androids that followed a different pinout std seemed to be older ones.

edit: here's a product page for something similar to what I was talking about, not what you want but it shows lots of trrs inter-compatibility with the iphone std.


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Thanks for that John. it seems a little strange that griffin are the only ones out there making such an item. i thought a lot of people would want one. If i get one ill post back with a review