Help TrueCrypt on Android


Android Question

Been researching this but haven't found anything to address my particular situation:

I have a flash drive that is formatted NTFS, it has a 28GB TrueCrypt partition on it.

I want to be able to put things into this container on my Android Galaxy S5.

I have "Total Commender" with the NTFS plugin and I can mount the drive and see what's on it - however, the way I have it set up, everything is in the TrueCrypt container.

I also got EDS for Android and this will apparently open True Crypt Containers, however, it doesn't find it.

Seems the combination of the two doesn't work.

Does anyone know of an App that I should get to make this work - I don't even mind paying for it.

If I'm being too vague, I'm sorry, new to this.