Trying to choose a phone


I have been looking at the Eris and the Moto droid... I love the look, feel and much more of the Eris. I just have one question that made me think of not wanting it.

At the VZW store near me the Eris does not seem as fast browsing (scrolling) the internet seems to lag slightly. Also the Youtube videos lag (i would say no better than 15fps). I was wondering if anyone has had these problems, or if that is just the way it is. If so I may lean toward the Moto... but it is so ugly and no Sense UI
Well web browsing on my phone is not one of my biggest activities. The stock browser is cool, but I seem to get slightly faster browsing using the Dolphin browser.

Youtube plays fine for me on 3g connection. You can also view them in HD which makes it even clearer. No lag over here.

The Eris is great. I think you'll like it if you can do without the huge, beautiful screen on the Droid.


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Hmmm. I have 3g here and the moto Droids video was running at good FPS. Also the screen on the moto is very nice.

also I guess I should say what I will be using the phone I get for.

1.The obvious Calls and Txts.
2. Internet (facebook, Forums, Video's and News)
3. Starting a Business and plan on using my phone heavily for business (contacts, dates and all that jazz)

Also I was wondering if anyone has used Google Voice with the Eris if so are there any problems? In the VZW store I couldn't put apps on the Eris but I could on the Moto.
the droid is too big imo....personally, i liked the whole feel of the eris in my hand. it just felt more natural.......

if it helps at all, i really like the Eris. I dont know what else to say. There are hundreds of comparisons on the web. I say research with google if you're not getting the answers you need here.

Good luck.
I dont trust Motorola, I have never heard good things about their products. Case in point; I have heard many complaints about sand getting behind the screen of the Droid. I dont know if they have found a solution, but its typical Motorola.
Well, the only Motorolas i've used were Nextel and the only reason I had any of them was for my job. THEY supplied the Nextel's because of the Direct Connect. The phones suck.....well I shouldnt say that. I guess its a matter of opinion. But when you come from smart phones like Palm OS and others, you start to compare....

anyway, Motorolas that i've used have always had stupid issues. Just dumb things. But the Droid I would imagine is a much more solid phone. Not to mention it's a Smart Phone. I dont think it's fair to compare with my previous Nextel Motorolas with the Droid. Since that's the only Motorolas i've dealt with, that's all I can comment on.......

just my .02


I played with both the Moto Droid and the Eris for about an hour before I left to think about it. I came back later and played around a bit.

The Moto Droid has a much nicer screen in my opinion, but the physical keyboard seemed like it would only last a few months. I can imagine it not sliding back in after a while.

Also, like it has been mentioned, Motorola SUCKS at making phones. Just because this is a "Smartphone" doesn't make a difference. Would you buy a Pinto if they came back into business and made a luxury car? Don't think so.

I've had the Eris for almost a month now and there are no complaints. My wife saw it in my hand a few days after I got it and upgraded hers to an Eris.

We've had no issues with screen resolution on Youtube, except that after the recent OTA update some will not play in High Quality. That's not a phone issue, that's a software issue that is either a very temporary glitch in the system, or a bug that has to be fixed by the next update.


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im a barber, landlord and pc tech. the eris is excellent for business.
also a former winmo fanboy for about 8 years. i know smart phones and this phone is great!
the browser was fine and got faster after recent HTC update.

maybe this will help you decide; with the Eris, less is actually more and with the droid more is actually less.


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If you want to use Google Voice with your Eris, you better read this:

Network Busy Error with HTC Eris - No Outgoing Calls - Google Mobile Help

It seems like the latest update screwed up Google Voice. I haven't been able to connect using the official Google Voice app for the past few days. It keeps giving a "Network Busy" error. My current workaround is to use GV Dialer. It's not pretty, but it works.

I'm hoping Google will release another update of their app to fix this problem soon!