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Trying to decide whether this is the tab I want...

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by code.vii, Apr 16, 2012.

  1. code.vii

    code.vii Lurker
    Thread Starter

    I'm low on funds right now but I can get a refurb gTab for around $150. I've looked at the generic or China Android tabs that are cheaper but I just don't think they'll hold up.

    I like this one because it is modifiable and there seems to be a lot of positive response about it...

    Do you think $150 is a good price?

    Is there something else out there I should look at around the same price?

    I've been skimming though a lot of the pages here just trying to see all the 'X vs Y' or 'Best Android Tabs' threads and still, I'm not sure...

    I guess I'm just looking for a little confirmation...

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  2. code.vii

    code.vii Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Well, I got one. $160 shipped. Hope I like it...hehe
  3. racefan82

    racefan82 Newbie

    not bad, i paid 158 for mine from ebay and im loving it so far, i put ics on it and even though there are some minor flaws yet its nothing thaets that big of a deal
  4. manesag

    manesag Well-Known Member

    you will like it
    i was gonna say that it is good but i dropped minw and broke the headphone jack so im trying to fix it.
    Also when you do get it here is a small list of roms which i think is the best.
    Vegan tab 7.1
    gTabcombover 3.4.2
    ics for the gtab
  5. silkchaos

    silkchaos Member

    Just put ICS on my wife's GTAB, and it went from being "ok" to being really nice and zippy.
  6. kc27

    kc27 Lurker

    They are pretty good units. I've had mine since October and am pretty happy with it. I run Brilliant Corners ROM. And if you search or ask for opinions on custom ROMs, you will get every opinion under the sun. Just read up and try a few and see what meets your needs.

    I also tried the newest stock ROM update, build 5699 from 1/31/2012, which actually wasn't too bad. It just needed the market fix to be able to access all of the the compatible apps.
  7. ajore22

    ajore22 Member

    I don't think buying this tablet us a good idea. Unless you are a very patient person. I have a Motorola Xoom and it blows this thing out of the water. You get what you pay for here.

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