Help Trying to do data recovery on Samsung Note 5 SM-N920V..


Oct 22, 2010
And every program that claims it can get data from a broken phone supports every model number of the note 5 except for the one ending in V for Verizon. My question is can i just use one of the other model options? Is there really that much of a difference based on that little letter for the carrier? The phone eventually comes to that screen for charging while powered off and shows 1% and the led stays on but can't power it on past that, no safe mode/download mode, etc. Thank you very much for any help.
If the phone is pretty much dead, won't power on, no safe mode, no download mode, won't communicate with a computer, I don't think that any software program is going to help you, Verizon or not. And it might need professional forensic level data recovery services.
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