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Root Trying to flash kernel..but it aborts...help please?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by CrazyMyTouch, Apr 22, 2011.

  1. CrazyMyTouch

    CrazyMyTouch New Member
    Thread Starter

    Apr 22, 2011
    I was following THIS guide to over clocking my Mytouch 4g.How To: Overclock Your Perm Rooted / S-OFF T-Mobile MyTouch 4G or T-Mobile G2 | TheUnlockr
    Heres what happened:
    1) I am PERMA rooted and have gained S=Off
    2) I am using a custom rom (Cyanogen)

    1) I installed the overclocking kernel to my computer (Mac OS X)
    2) I can get SetCPU later from 4shared DIRECTLY from my phone....(skipped)
    3)Plugged in my phone to Mac OS X computor
    4)Copied the kernel to the root of my SD card...o WAIT its not a zip file....
    PROBLEM #1
    When I downloaded the kernel file to my computer it did not download as a .zip file....I tried to proceed but realized that it didn't copy to my phone as a .zip and therefore would NOT work. So what i did was I right clicked on the file and selected 'compress' which made it a .zip file and proceeded.
    5)I ejected MyTouch 4g from computer and unplugged it.
    6)I rebooted into recovery mode using Rom Manager
    7)I backed up my ROM
    8) selected install .zip from SD card and chose the kernel file which showed as -AnyKernel_eMMC 2.zip
    PROBLEM #2
    It gave me this message:

    --Installing: /sdcard/AnyKernel_eMMC 2.zip
    Finding Update package...
    Opening Update package...
    Installing update...
    Installation aborted.

    This is where I stopped as the kernel refused to install. PLEASE HELP ME, Im ripping my hair out here >< THANK YOU in advance :D


  2. brianna4sho

    brianna4sho Member

    Jan 3, 2011
    Flo Rida
    mine is doing the same thing!
  3. RavenWulf

    RavenWulf Well-Known Member

    Apr 15, 2010
    1. the pirated version of SetCPU they send you to is outdated by 2 versions, you can get the latest by either paying to get it from the market instead of getting a bootleg version or by going to xda-developers and getting it directly from the developer for free.

    2. the Kernel they are providing is for the G2 not the MT4G. CM7 comes with an Over-Clock Kernel pre-installed, if you go to "About Phone" > "CyanogenMod settings" > "Performance" > "CPU Settings" you will find how to adjust your OC.

    3. if you want to go beyond 1.5GHz OC then go over to xda-developers and check out the Kernels made by faux123 (he has Kernels for FroYo/Sense, FroYo/AOSP a.k.a CM6, and Gingerbread) make sure you get the one for the type of ROM you're running... you will need SetCPU for his kernels. follow his instructions for his kernels and you won't have any problems.

    SetCpu from the Dev

    Where to get faux123's Kernels

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