Root Trying to get ICS


I rooted my phone way back when the root first came out. I really don't know anything about rooting at all. I researched it, and did it.

Now I really want to get to ICS and... well I am rooted. I saw there was an AIO tool to unroot but that lead to a dead dropbox link and it was apparently old.

So someone linked to the new one, where I downloaded a .bat file and two folders containing something or other. I ran the.bat file as admin after turning debugging on and USB mode to ethernet. the CMD window flashed and closed.

Help me unroot my phone?


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OK first you need to be on the latest update which is the ICS zv7 and then you need to follow instructions on this thread once that is all done install any ROM you want then boot into recovery by turning off your device then holding the power button and volume down button until a screen shows up saying you want to reset your device and then click the power button twice, it will not reset your device it will go to recovery then select wipe data/factory reset then install zip from sdcard then choose zip from sdcard then go to the ROM that you downloaded should be in /Download folder then select it and wait then reboot, post or pm me for further help


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Follow the link Reeseboy put up and use the instructions for:

The situation : You have CWM and you DO want the ICS update.

This is what I personally recommend and will give you the easiest results.

Afterwards, either stay on stock, or unlock your bootloader using the link Azoller posted and then install the copy of CM10 we have up and running. Being on ICS unlocked will most likely cause you too many issues, so it's safe to stay stock or just go to CM/AOKP.