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General Trying to keep things simple with Contact lists.. Please help!!

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Martin9273, Jun 2, 2010.

  1. Martin9273

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    Jun 2, 2010

    Jun 2, 2010
    Brooklyn, NY
    Hello there -

    First time poster but frequent reader of these boards and hopeful that someone can help me out with my HTC Eris - problems that I suspect I am not alone in having.. Hopefully there is somewhere out there that can answer my questions and/or provide a link to official documentation on the handling of contact lists and how they are updated..

    As for me, I upgraded to version 2.1 this past weekend, and ever since then, there have been issues with my phone, most notably with the contact list. I have tried syncing to G-Mail several times, and even went into a Verizon store where one of their people could not do anything either and then put me on the phone (in the store) with advanced tech support who was also of little help..

    Basically, what I am noticing is that my phone lost a lot of contacts that were not backed up to Google as I initially thought they were. Apparently, the 'Back-Up Assistant' that Verizon offers does nothing for the Eris model phone either,and Google was not providing the auto-sync features I thought it was between the G-Mail account and my phone..

    Additionally, my phone now contains many contacts that I would not wish to see, including random people that I may have e-mailed at one point or another (sending out resumes, customer service, Craigslist sellers). In any case, these 'contacts' contain no numbers and are cluttering up my phone.. (They were not there before the upgrade and I certainly have no need to see them on my phone..)

    I realize I can delete them from G-Mail (which I intend to), but what of those 'contacts' that I wish to see remain on my computer but erased from my phone?? Is there any segmentation possible to say where a contact goes once entered into G-Mail?? Basically, I want my phone to recognize a 'contact' only if it has a unique phone number assigned to it.. That said, I don't necessarily want all contacts without numbers to be deleted from G-Mail.. (Hope that makes sense..)

    Lastly, I am noticing other glitches as well such as contacts not remaining in the favorites file (once added) and other issues with slowness/response time entering/exiting phone application on the Eris.. Would be good to know if there was a way to find out if there is something corrupt with the software on my specific device before I spend even more time trying to restore the configuration back to where it was before I chose to 'upgrade' the software a few days ago.

    Thanks in advance for any and all suggestions to this issue.. Cheers!!


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