Root Trying to make luck..


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So i tried to make or should i say CUSTOMIZE,some icons.. it was a FAIL,well,kinda..ill explain.

i used APK manager to unzip the apk..
then i used PhoXo to edit the png files.
after i edited just 1 icon as a test,i optimized images with APK manager
signed the apk.

the problem lies after install..apk installs fine but once i appy the theme in adw,once it tries to load,it force closes..and i have to open another home launcher in order to uninstall and try almost seems like it only force closes when it tries loading the image i edited (which was the PHONE icon) the others load correctly until it gets to the phone icon....AnY sUgGeStIoNs????:D



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How about file size differences?
If the original was 2.23kb and your modified image is a different size, that might cause a problem if the call to that image doesn't match the properties of it.
I know the sound is bad but Video tutorials by asadullah has a how to theme.