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Dec 3, 2010
United Kingdom
My used Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra did not come with a USB cable.

I wanted to buy a genuine Samsung cable but I also wanted it to be as future-proof as possible.

This lead me down a rabbit hole of different models/part numbers.

So far, I've managed to put this together:


Am I missing any?

Is anyone able to assist in helping me fill in any blank cells?
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no.....i have various one that i bought on amazon. never had any issues really.

samsung on their own site sells 2 types of ysb c cables, 5A and 3A. i believe 5A supports power bricks 65w-100w. while the 3A supports anything below 65w.

i would just go with one of those, if you absolutely need an oem cable.

ps......if you want you can even chat with a samsung expert as well on their site.
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The USB Type-C market is a confusing mix of proprietary standards and really bad management. And the to make it even more of a disaster it's only going to get worse. The 'Universal' in USB no longer applies, we're basically back to all kinds of different proprietary cables and ports. Your safest bet is to buy from Samsung for an OEM cable, but if you opt for a different retailer just be very selective that it specifically matches up with a S21 Ultra, and make sure they have an easy return policy just in case. Don't skip either, a good quality cable will last longer, transfer power more efficiently, and if you use it to do a lot of data transfers, perform better without any of those mystery glitches that occur with cheap knockoff cables:
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The funny thing is that the only USB-C compatibility problem I've had was with the cable that came with my s21. It does work with the s21, but not with some of my other devices, whereas my other cables (from Apple or Anker) work with everything I've tried.