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Trying to Root GB OTA Official

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by XXJoeXX, Jul 1, 2011.

  1. XXJoeXX

    XXJoeXX Lurker
    Thread Starter

    I know this as been asked so many times but I'm trying to get a clear idea of the files I'll need and where to download them for free.

    Can someone give me step by step directions please.
    I see Deodexed and Odexed...what is the difference and what do I need.
    I also see
    Mirror 1
    Mirror 2
    Mirror 3

    Another Zip
    Mirror 1
    Mirror 2
    Mirror 3

    Please clarify what I need to do; I'm lost with out the wifi tethering


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  2. USHwy129

    USHwy129 Member

    It's not possible to root the OTA GB. I was in your position just recently. To get rooted GB you need to revert back to froyo, root that, then upgrade to the pre-rooted version of GB, which is those files you are looking at. Gotta run now, but if no one else writes up a detailed explanation, I will later. You can ask me any questions and I can try to help also.
  3. Metfanant

    Metfanant Android Expert

    USHwy pretty much said what you have to do...the official version of Gingerbread for our phones is not currently rootable once it has been installed...so you have to install it "pre-rooted."

    1. SBF back to Froyo
    2. Root Froyo using z4root
    3. install the Droid2 bootstrapper
    4. flash the 2 part pre-rooted Gingerbread (version number .596)
    5. DONE

    oh and WiFi tethering is not as easy as it was on Froyo...personally i don't condone illegal tethering so someone else might chime in with the tricks to making it work on Gingerbread
  4. XXJoeXX

    XXJoeXX Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Thanks for your replies but I'm confused on the flashing and would like ore detailed instructions. My only reason for the rooting is so Use the wifi tethering which is something I really need.
    Is this going to be an issue? I was rooted And did the damn update not thinking.
    Thanks for your replies
  5. USHwy129

    USHwy129 Member

    Like Metfanant said:

    1. SBF back to Froyo

    This page Complete Droid X .sbf Flashing Guide is what I used.
    It has very detailed instructions and all the files you will need.

    2. Root Froyo with z4root

    This is simple - just install the z4root app on your phone and run it BUT you can't get it in the market - just google z4root.apk and you will find it. (put it on your sd card then open it through the files app and it will install just like through the market)

    3. Install the Droid 2 bootstrapper (NOT the Droid X bootstrapper) from the market. Run it and click "bootstrap recovery" and it will install its hack. Then click "reboot recovery" and phone will reboot into recovery.
    Now you are in recovery - this is where you navigate with the phone buttons (volume is up and down, camera button is how you select).

    4. Flash the 2 part rooted GB

    Navigate to the page below and scroll down to the "File Part 1" and "File Part 2"

    Official DX Gingerbread 2.3.3 (4.5.596) Release Thread - Something for everyone

    Save these two files to your SD card.

    Now back on your phone, navigate to the part 1 and select it.
    It takes a few minutes at least to install and then tells you to install part 2. Don't back out of recovery until you install part 2.

    That's it. Reboot phone and you're done, it will boot up and look like you just took it out of the box.

    As far as the wifi tethering, same advice from me, I don't use it but I know it can be done. However it is somewhat of a moral gray area because it can be argued strongly both ways, so if you want to do it, it's not hard to find it if you search.
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  6. teamgood

    teamgood Newbie

    I was under the impression that "free" wifi tethering doesn't work on Gingerbread. So you could just SBF to Froyo and keep doing it the way you were doing before.
  7. nukeruss

    nukeruss Lurker

    You need to flash the tbh patch to tether with GB. You also needto download an experimental version of WiFi tether from the Google development pages. Just Google WiFi tether and you'll find it. You can get the patch using the tbh app which can be purchased I believe in the droid x forums store. Google team black hat and you'll find it eventually. Also to sbf your phone back to Froyo, I highly recommend using the Linux cd method. Basically make a cd with Linux on it that automatically runs the sbf program when you boot a Windows computer with it. Takes about ten minutes to sbf that way. Google sbf droid x Linux cd to find the instructions.
  8. USHwy129

    USHwy129 Member

    Noticed this post the other day, never tried it, but sounds like it could be a better way. Learn something new everyday!

    Creating a bootable linux CD soley to SBF *headache free*
  9. Rampratt

    Rampratt Lurker

    OK here is another question , I want to root a droid X with 2.3.3 , is that G/B or something else? froyo ? Been playing with computers for quite a while but never tried to root a phone and now want to give it a try and hope I don't brick it. Guess I'm just not up to the new names? I see numbers on the phones but names in the discussion groups. Thanks for any help/ideas you can give me.
  10. Metfanant

    Metfanant Android Expert

    2.3.3 is Gingerbread...unfortunately you can't root it...

    What you have to do is flash by to Froyo (2.2.1) and root that....THEN you can install a pr-rooted version of Gingerbread
  11. Rampratt

    Rampratt Lurker

    Thank you very much for the clarification. It is much appreciated and now I can start heading in the right direction I hope. Again thanks. Dick
  12. TBoomer

    TBoomer Newbie

    Just wondering. You say it's really important to you. Is it $10/month important? It's not that much, if you really need it and use it a lot. Better than getting a fat Gen1 iPhone looking bill someday from VZW with all of your back charges.

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