Root trying to root my S5 need some guidance.

pretty much as it says, trying to root my S5, and wanting to make sure i get it right, the last time i tried to root, i screwed it, picked the wrong firmware or something i really don't know, made it impossible to use any of my apps cause it said it "wasn't supported" and to fix it i had to do a full reset of my phone, so yeah, want to get it right this time, here is the information required, if i miss anything let me know:

SM-G900I (australia)
Android 6.0.1
G900IDVU1CQD1 (bbv)
MMB29M.G900IDVU1CQD1 (Build Number)

hope that is enough info, thanks to anyone who can help out, i kinda gave up on trying to root after my first try made a mess of things, but if someone here could help that would be awesome, i tried some of those "one click" root programs, namely Towelroot but that didn't work cause my device wasn't supported...