Help trying to see an app to uninstall it


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I have an odd problem.

a few weeks ago I installed an app via the market, but found using appbrain. I clicked install on the appbrain website, then opened the appbrain app on the phone and clicked sync, it then showed the app in the list, and when I clicked it, it went to the marketplace page for the app and installed it fine.

all normal so far... bare with me...

The app simply puts a shortcut in the notification pull down window that goes to the wifi page in settings.

Today, I went to uninstall the app as I havent used it and need some space. I cannot remember what it was called though...

I have gone though every app in my menu/settings/applications/manage applications/all apps (and the downloaded apps tab, and the running tab)
but cannot see it anywhere?

I have used 'systempanel' to try and find it, but its not showing using that either, and it is not in the app lists of either my Marketplace or my AppBrain list?

Its not in my appdrawer either? but it is running and is in the notification bar still, and works if I click it?

Its very odd. Part of me wonders if its not what it says it is and only acts like a wifi utility, how can I find and uninstall it?



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Fixed it.

panic over.

It was not an app after all, (I had uninstalled the one I though the icon in the status area was for).

It was a folder organizer shortcut I had created with a 'notification' label associated with it. when I deleted the shortcut it removed from the notification bar. :rolleyes: