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trying to unbrick and insall stock firmware on my s7

Discussion in 'Android Lounge' started by clintshred666, Jun 28, 2019.

  1. clintshred666

    clintshred666 Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Im looking for stock fimware for my s7 (sm-g930w8) can anyone please help ive been looking for ever...thanks

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  2. Eric Harper

    Eric Harper Member

    Hello, first is your device Exynos or Qualcomm? The best way I have found through trial and error is to download these drivers

    https://handsetgeek.com/qualcomm-hs-usb-qdloader-9008-driver.html. Next Download this program ,


    Here is a tutorial for getting your phone into 9008 qualcomm QLoader Mode.


    Lastly You will need to take a data sync cable and make an EDL cable, Very Easy BTW. Strip back a portion of the wiring and connect the green and black wires together. This causes A TEST SHORT opening the 9008 port and qfill will automatically download and unbrick your phone with a Force Flash. There is plenty of info out there about this. Good luck and drop me a line if you need further assistance.
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  3. Eric Harper

    Eric Harper Member

    Side Note: SInce Samsung does not really Support Fastboot, this is one of the few alternatives, Or you can purchas and EFT Dongle. ADB commands will run fine for shell, Assuming you have USB DEBUG active in your device. If not and you can establish an ADB SHELL you can google commands in shell to open USB DEBUG.
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  4. Eric Harper

    Eric Harper Member

    ONE LAST THING. The great thing about the method above is that once your in 9008 mode you can downgrade to any version stock firmware you would like, as Qualcomm gets ALL permission for the flash.

    Register Here https://www.sammobile.com/

    All firmware you will need you will find for Samsung.
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