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Support Trying to update Firmware is harder than I thought.

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by 5tevie, Oct 6, 2010.

  1. 5tevie

    5tevie Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    Sep 13, 2010
    I retired on the 16th of March 1995. My 45th birth
    Blackburn, Lancs. A small city in the North West o
    Hi Guys and Guyesses,
    I have had an ePad zt-180 for a few weeks now and I was quite happy with it. Then I got an e-mail from the seller, who is not at techie person, with a link to a Firmware upgrade and instructions on how to carry it out.
    Before the update proper, a USB driver needs to be installed (At least, that's what I think the update info means) and there is a set of instructions for doing that. According to the instructions, this procedure absolutely cannot be byepassed because if it is, none of the other sections of the firmware update will work.
    Basically, it's a case of shutting the ePad down, connecting a USB cable to ePad and PC, switching the ePad on while holding down the Menu button until the "New hardware found" notification appears on the PC screen.
    Then follow the On-screen instructions in the wizard and the Firmware update instructions to point the wizard at the correct file to find the driver.
    I can do all this and I can get to the stage where the PC says that the new device is all ready to use and that I should go ahead and press the "Finish" button on the wizard.
    The next step is to run the file named "Burntool v 07.2", change the "Setup" values if needed and then click on Start.

    It is at this point that I hear a beep noise from my PC, the same kind of noise that you get when a USB cable is unplugged, and a message that a device is not recognised appears near the clock.
    At the same time, the burntool stops working.
    When that happens, the update process stops and I can't get any further.
    Has anybody else had this problem and found a way round it?



  2. fandtm666

    fandtm666 Active Member

    Sep 22, 2010
    you need to hold down the home button and power button at the same time

    you will then be asked to install drivers and use the ones that came with burn tool.

    once they are installed disconnect it all then start burn tool select the files

    now plug in the usb whist the unit is powered off now press the home button and power button at the same time and you will see burn tool has found the device and start the upgrade.
  3. 5tevie

    5tevie Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    Sep 13, 2010
    I retired on the 16th of March 1995. My 45th birth
    Blackburn, Lancs. A small city in the North West o
    Thank you fandm666.
    I should confirm here that it WAS the Home and Power buttons together that I used when starting the ePad. I'm afraid that my typing fingers sometimes work faster than my brain. :)

    I shall try what you say later today and report back.
  4. matts61

    matts61 New Member

    Dec 1, 2010
    Hi all! I don
  5. pogle63

    pogle63 New Member

    Dec 10, 2010
    The instructions for updating the 10" Epad are a little vague and can be confusing after weeks of trying on and off I have finally sussed it out and done it.
    The first thing and the hardest part is to get the USB burntool to work. You download the files you need from Digibites as two zip files. 1 is USBburntool.zip and 2 is firmware image .rar file make sure you have the right one for your tablet 1024x600 or 1024x576.

    I got out my old XP laptop and did it on that because my main PC already had Andriod phone software installed and the PC kept labelling the tablet as a HTC DREAM which it is not.

    Ok so this is how I did it on XP laptop.

    1. Create a folder on your desktop, epadsw (epad software)
    2. Create a second folder on your desktop, epadsw2
    3. Copy your zip files into folder epadsw, copy do not extract!
    4. Open the folder and double click on the USBburntool.zip
    5. Using Extract to button extract USBburntool to: epadsw2
    6. In epadsw2 you should have a folder called USBburntool with 3 files and the USB burn program icon.

    NOTE: In future start the USBburn program using this icon not the one in the zip file.

    7. Next you will have to extract the files from 1080-1024x576.rar that we stored in the epadsw folder.
    8 Double click on it and extract this file to epadsw2 folder.
    9. Go to epadsw2 folder and you should have another folder inside it called 1080-1024x576.
    10 inside the 1080-1024x576 folder you should have 4.img files.

    Now we need to configure USBburntool and get it to see the EPAD. This is the bit everyone is having problems with because windows cannot find the secbulk.inf

    So here is how you do it. we have already extracted secbulk.inf and .sys to desktop\epadsw2\USBburntool

    Note epadsw2\USBburntool

    1. So plug in the power to your Epad and connect it to your pc.
    2. Press the power on and home button together and hold them until the pc detects new hardware.
    3. Select to load drivers from specific location and scroll down to desktop\epadsw2\USBburntool it should allow you to select this folder.
    4. Click next to finish installing the driver.
    5. Disconnect your EPAD from the PC usb and shut down the EPAD.
    6. Go to desktop\epadsw2\USBburntool and open the USBburntool using the colored icon.
    7. The program is open.
    8. Reconnect the USB lead EPAD to PC.
    9. Reboot the Epad holding the power button AND the home button, wait a few seconds then release both.
    10.When the Epad finishes rebooting the 1st green bar on DEVICE10 line of USBburntool should go green.

    If this happens you are nearly home and dry. What remains to be done is to set up USBburntool to flash the EPAD.

    The easiest way to do this with least amount of typing or error is to follow the following guide.
    You need to tell the USBburntool where the .img files are at the moment they are in desktop\epadsw2\1080-1024x576\ and so on a lot of typing.
    So lets simplify it:

    1. Create a file on your C: DRIVE called ZT180.
    2. Go to desktop\epadsw2\1080-1024x576\ and copy the files: system.img,u_boot.img,userdata.img and zImage_1024x576 into the file C:ZT180 you just created.
    3. Open USBburntool again and click on settings it is the right hand of the two buttons under the menu bar if you are using chinese version.
    4. tick the box next to uboot.img type in the window C:\ZT180\u.boot.img
    5. untick wince.img and leave blank.
    6. tick linux-kernel type: C:\ZT180\zImage_cui
    7. tick linux-sys type: C:\ZT180\system.img
    8. tick linux-udat type: C:\ZT180\userdata.img
    9. check the burn button to the left and save all settings (left hand button bottom to save.

    Having done all this you have saved your update files from the unzipped image to C:\ZT180 and told USBburntool where they areand saved them in it.

    Now to flash the EPAD.

    Close USBburntool and re-open it make sure the settings you put in are there.
    Shut down your Epad and connect it to PC.
    Start the EPAD holding power and home button for a while then releasing.
    As the pad starts USBburntool bar goes green.
    Once this has happened wait for the Epad to finish booting or stop on the andriod screen once things are finshed press the START button on the USBburntool to begin the update (Start button has what looks like a person with a blue speech balloon on it, first button below the menu bar)
    Once you push the start button the progress bar should begin to move and your update is in progress - TOUCH NOTHING UNITL IT IS 100% dONE HOPEFULLY IF YOU HAVE DONE EVERYTHING IN THIS GUIDE IT WILL BE WORKING ON 2.1 once you reboot your EPAD.

    This worked for me but took weeks of on and off messing about so I hope it helps others and saves the headaches I have had with it.

    Regards POGLE63
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  6. Zabeth999

    Zabeth999 New Member

    Sep 12, 2011
    I am going to try this last method suggested by Pogle63.. I've had a few headaches before finding this post, I truly hope it works.

    Question though : does it deleted old gmail accounts that were created by last owner?

    I can't, for the life of me, get connected to Android Market! Reseting the Epad has lead to absolutely nothing.


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