Trying to update my phone. Tried few different routes. Need suggestions


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I have an S5 running on 4.4.4 that was originally on AT&T but it unlocked now. I use Metro PCS. Anyways I'm trying to update it. I know I can't go about trying an OTA update so I went to Kies to update. Kies told me to download Switch so I downloaded the latest version and it didn't work either. I tried to plug it and unplug it etc a few times with no luck. My question is this:

I have access to an AT&T Sim. If I were to put that it my phone could I possibly update the phone without risking relocking the phone? Are there any other possible ways to upgrade my phone without rooting? Thanks guys. I've been Googling around and thought I'd stop here to ask.


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IMO, you have the best right now with 4.4.4 because 5.x is a flop
I would gladly love to revert my S5 back to 4.4.4 as 5.x is a mess

I have two S5s, one on 4.4.4 and the other on 5.1.1 and I hate it.


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If you insert the AT&T SIM card it should update OTA one version atva time, until you have the latest official version available for your S5, whatever that is. Lollipop ends at 5.1.1.

I don't have a S5 so I can't say how 5x runsvon that but 5x ran very nicely on all of our Nexus devices.


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Hi guys. I ended up doing further research and founder that Best Buy has Samsung Experience. I went there an hour ago and they updated me to 5.1.1 free of charge ☺ so far I'm liking everything about Lollipop! Battery seems fine, I dig the colors and animations too! Have a great week!