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Tunewiki is the Music Player I always dreamed of!

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by firemcd, Sep 26, 2010.

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    Aug 21, 2010

    Aug 21, 2010
    [Disclaimer] (The following is my own 2 cents worth-If you have one you like better, tell us about it!)
    May I begin by saying how vanilla and bland I found the onboard music player on the Droid X.
    I shopped around and did a lot of research and youtube watching and settled on Tunewiki.
    Let me begin by saying that the reviews UNDERSTATE and the well-intentioned youtube video reviews just do not do it justice at all.
    #1-Before you download and install it, I would put 3-5 songs from 2 different artists on your SD card in a folder you create called "Music".
    #2-DL and install it.
    #3-When you first open it up, you are greeted with the "Music Library" with the following choices underneath;
    Shuffle All Songs
    I have about 1GB of songs on board, so I usually go with Artists.
    The scrollability is fluid and responsive-and mistaken taps are easily handled by hitting the Back hard button.
    There are so many songs I have listened to for like 30 years or more and never completely understood the lyrics. This app by default displays them karaoke-style, Tap the lyrics mini-screen once and it goes to full screen.
    Does this function ANNOY you? It is easily de-activated in the settings.
    Internet radio included? You bet. At the moment Last.fm and Shoutcast are onboard. If you're vocal about your music, the Shoutwall lets you post and read comments on the songs you are currently playing. They are working on putting more stations into future updates.
    There is also a built in music video searcher for Youtube. (MORE on this feature in a moment)
    The social powerhouse built in to this thing is UNBELIEVABLE!
    You can sign up on the Web, create a profile, and connect with others. You can see what other members are listening to (like top 50 playing right now) in a Twitter-like real time feed, as well as many other social features. You can supposedly contribute to the lyrics directory, although I have not tried this yet.
    You can easily share your music and playlists on Twitter or Facebook from within the app, adding yet another social aspect to Tunewiki.
    Anytime, you can view a detailed Google map and see what people are listening to and where. You just tap their individual icon and up pops who they are and what they are currently listening to. Based on this map, there is no shortage of global Tunewiki users and any place I checked on the map had multiple users. I immediately discovered an artist/album I never heard of and in an instant I was watching/listening to their video on Youtube and enjoying it.
    The app also comes with a home screen widget for your Android device.
    It even comes with a sleep timer so it does not run all night and kill your battery.
    BONUS! While a song is playing, you can tell that special someone(s) about it right this second and that you LOVE/HATE it.
    Just hit the little "thought bubble" in the top right hand side of the screen. You have the option to Love or Hate it and send the information by SMS or E-Mail.
    I really like the Youtube button at the bottom right hand side of the screen while playing a song-it immediately takes you to a listing of all known Youtube videos of the song complete with an image icon to the left of each listing.
    If you are not drooling yet you should be.
    Their website is at TuneWiki
    Need the barcode?
    A 1 minute and 37 second condensed review is here;
    TuneWiki Android App review - AndroidApps.com


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