Help Turbo - which security features to turn on/off


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Hi, when I was setting up my new Turbo, I went through prompts for what seemed like 3 or 4 different services/settings from Motorola, Verizon, etc. promising to provide protection in case of theft, loss, etc.

Question: Has anyone done their homework to be able to suggest which of those apps/settings/whatever to enable and which to disable?

I don't want to enable 2 different services that are redundant. I also don't want to use anything that consumes a lot of bandwidth and/or gives up too much of my privacy and/or creates spam of any kind and/or has a monthly fee. I have also used an app called Lookout Mobile Security off and on before and not sure where that fits into or compares with the pre-installed security options.


Hey iploya, I spoke with a Moto engineer. The suggestion was to use Motorola locate, theft etc service. Just don't enable VZW service. You also have the android device manager built in that will locate / wipe / etc. your phone. As you haven't included your carrier for your Turbo...Verizon has built in antivirus / malware provided by McAfee under the VZ Protect app. I am also running which is an excellent malware detection / protection app. It and McAfee site advisor will work effortlessly together. Hope this helps.


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On my Droid Maxx I use the stock android device manager. I turned off the moto stuff, as it's basically redundant.