Help Turn of sounds for email, but not messages


My Wife and both has Evo 4gs. On my phone, when I get a email, it just vibrates, but for a text I get a sound. On my Wife's phone, she has sounds for both. I installed a loud alarm sound because she doesn't want to miss a text form our kids. The problem is emails come in at all hours and it wakes us up.
Under "settings" I have Email Notifications ON, Notification Sound OFF, and Notification Vibrate ON for both phones.

The only difference is I have Hotmail and She is using GMAIL. What can I do to get her emails to just vibrate and text message to sound an alarm?


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Did you change the settings for the email notifications within the gmail app? Or just in the general android settings?

If you set the notification in the gmail app's settings to silent that should do it.

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open ringtone.silent

I don't rtemember if Silent was there stock or if I downloaded it. You can get it from a number of places like zedge, sprint downloads, or search silent ringer in google and dload it