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Turn off 3g ?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by XfrostX, Jan 7, 2010.

  1. XfrostX

    XfrostX Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Hello, before i open my nexus one and use it.. Just wondering if it is possible to turn of 3g and only use EDGE. I only pay for EDGE with tmobile and I do not want to buy 3g. The EDGE speeds are fine over here :)
    If it is possible please leave an explanation on how to
    Thanks .

  2. FLT

    FLT Well-Known Member

    I'm not familiar with 2.1 but in 1.5 you can find it here (should be similar I think):
    settings => wireless settings => mobile networks => only use 2G networks
  3. XfrostX

    XfrostX Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Thanks, i will turn it on and check :) repp'd
  4. dsjr2006

    dsjr2006 Android Enthusiast

    What do you mean only pay for EDGE??
  5. 1080p

    1080p Android Enthusiast

    T-Mobile does not charge you based upon speed. They only bill for data. If you have a data plan and and live/play in 3g coverage... you get 3g speeds at no extra cost. I don't believe there is any carrier that charges more based upon speed (at least in the USA).
  6. lionelhuts

    lionelhuts Newbie

    There is one circumstance I have come across: AT&T and the iPhone

    The original iPhone (2G only) has a $20/month data plan. You get unlimited Edge and 200 texts with that.

    The 3G iPhone data plans are $30/month and include no texts.

    Surely, you cannot buy the 2G iPhone data plan (for $10 less/month) and then just throw that SIM into a 3G iPhone and expect to get 3G.

    Well, you can, but I have read some reports of people getting a text and/or email from AT&T informing them that their current data plan is incompatible with their phone.
  7. 1080p

    1080p Android Enthusiast

    I thought about bringing this up in my post... but then I felt it wasn't the same as he was describing. AT&T decided to raise data on iPhone 3G users... not because of the speed, but to pay for the huge subsidy they gave on the phone. If you have an iPhone 3G and live in an area without 3G... they still charge you $30 for data. It had nothing to do with the speed you are getting.

    Also... another scenario.... if you had a 2G iPhone and you were on the $20 data, then you stuck your sim into a diff. 3G phone... like a Windows Mobile Phone or Symbian phone, you got 3G speed and didn't get charged extra.

    $30 data on iPhone 3G was just a way to get loyal iPhone/Apple users/fans to cough up an extra $10 per month.

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