Turn off any TV with the click of a button: The Off Button! [Prank]


Hi guys,

I just finished an app taking advantage of the HTC One's IR functionality It's called The Off Button and it cycles through most known 'off' codes so that you can turn off almost any TV! I aimed to make the interface very simple to use so that you can get your pranking on with ease!

Please check out the app if you are interested. Also, I'm looking for feedback / suggestions for improvement. I've got a couple of ideas such as "locking" known codes, but I'd love to hear yours!

The Off Button

Enjoy! (responsibly...)

*Currently only supported on HTC One, but I'm working on expanding!


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Dr. Feelgood
Cool app. This is going to drive parents crazy . :eek:

It'd be interesting if you could have a button to tap when it successfully shuts off the TV to automatically save that entry and let you name it something.

That way you can have the app scan to shut off any TV, but once you've got it figured out not have to go through all the scan again or have to remember the code


Thread starter
Thanks for the suggestion. This is actually some of the most common feedback I've received.

I've had some problems deciding exactly how to implement this. Since the codes go so quickly, many people probably will stop it one or two codes late.

My current idea is to allow the user to enter the number corresponding to the code that they think turned the TV off. When this code is clicked, I will send that code along with a couple on either side of it as a buffer.

... and let you name it something
Good idea! A name is much better than a number. I'll make sure to include that.

Thanks for your input! This certainly will drive some parents crazy!


Dr. Feelgood
I could see how that could be tricky. My device doesn't have an IR blaster, so I wasn't able to test the app and see for myself how fast it scanned.

I think the naming would be helpful if a person had multiple "profiles"(codes) saved. Example: family room tv, brothers TV, mean lady down the street :p, ect

Keep us updated on your progress!