Root Turn Off Automatic Restore Feature


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I'm posting this here because I feel my question will directly relate to custom ROMS:
Every Rom I load (Skyraider Vanilla,ShadowRom, The NewGuy Etc.) starts restoring my phone. Usually as soon as it connects with google, it has an old wallpaper up and starting to pull apps. I know how to disable it (menu -> privacy), but my question two-fold:

1. Do all roms have this feature built in?
A. If so, is it hard to remove that feature.
2. Assuming that above A. is difficult, how does one find the backup in google and clear it out so there is nothing to restore?

I know I can't be the only one this bugs, and I'm fairly certain I am overlooking some very simple step in this whole process.

I thank all for their upcoming help and suggestions


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Maybe I'm not understanding exactly what you're referring to. When I install a new ROM and set up my google account, the only thing that auto restores are my contacts. Then when I open Market I get a bunch of download ques for the apps I've purchased, nothing installs by itself.

Is this what you mean? Or are apps just.. There.. when you flash a new ROM? This could be caused by not wiping the data and cache partitions before flashing a new ROM.


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When I load a new ROM, after I sign into my Google account, and click finish from the initial setup, a very old background that I used to have is already up. I have to go to menu, privacy and turn off the auto backup and restore feature. It drives me nuts. It is auto enabled to restore.

I do wipe the cache and data. Probably too much. I find myself wiping 2 or 3 times prior to actually flashing a rom.


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had the same problem

its in the privacy menu somewhere in settings, cant find the thread where i asked the same question.

Right! its in menu --> privacy. My point here is this: It appears to be auto selected in the Fresh, Brand New, just downloaded ROM.
I know the work around is to not sign into your google account until you go and disable the setting. Which is a partial fix. I can do that (I am flashing a ROM right now) But, how can I clear what is in the google cloud that has this backup?


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no idea where the backups actually are. but heres what i do:

flash a rom, sign into google and skip everything else, uncheck that ish before the syncing starts (alternative is to do it before you even sign in)

if you think about it though, at one point you did check that. and flash a new ROM in the phones head is like you are turning it on for the first time. so when you dont click backup apps it wont do it, but keeps the auto restore as default in case you ever did. and since you did it at one point, it starts pulling automatically.

i want to know how to clear that too though


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+1^ Just did that with the ultimate droid flash. I just have to change my install checklist (in my head) to not sign in until after I turn off the backups.