Turn on USB debugging from boot

I have an HTC Desire Z. The digitizer is not responding and there is a screenlock keeping me from accessing any functions on the phone except for the boot menu. I have taken the phone apart to look for any obvious damage or missing connections. I assume USB debugging is currently off and I have no reason to believe the phone is rooted.

All I need is a way to retrieve the contacts.

My question is whether or not an image located on a micro-sd card could turn on USB debugging.


root@android:/ #
That's a tough situation. Once you get locked out like that, root along with an adb ready custom recovery is about the only option to access the internal memory. Are you sure the contacts aren't of the Google variety? In that case, they could be retrieved by accessing your Google account using any PC or other means of web access.

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Unfortunately the contacts were not synced with a Google account. That would have been great.

So, do you still think it may be possible to boot off an SD card that would open up access to the phone for ADB?