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Turn your Android into a Mobile Laboratory

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by Dreja, Dec 28, 2012.

  1. Dreja

    Dreja Lurker
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    we are here new and we want to represent our Android Sensor Project at indiegogo, under the name "Turn your Android into a Mobile Laboratory".

    We have developed a mini USB adapter called SensorNotes, with an open software architecture. By using 4-pins only, the sensorNotes can interface just about any type of sensors you want. Ranging from simple temperature resistive sensors, to digital barometer and humidity sensors, and up to devices that require more power for operation besides interface such as is an Arduino board.

    Our first application is highly accurate thermometer operating at high precision of 0.2 F. It can display and store your daily morning measurements. As an example you can easily find out the health state of your thyroid gland, and women may predict their ovulation cycles. Make a sensor of your own! In the past years we have specified and deployed the so-called SensorNotes compact message layer. By using it, one can simply make one's own sensor, plug it into the USB Adapter and get the results immediately on the Android display, or may even configure the sensor. One can further make use of this data and integrate it with other applications using the Open API, or directly using JSON web-service access. By supporting our project we will bring out even more sensors and help us create an open sensor platform, the SensorNotes.

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