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Turning off mobile websites...?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by twinglock40z, Aug 11, 2010.

  1. twinglock40z

    twinglock40z Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Ok so my first android phone was the incredible. The browsing on the phone was so fast that i turned off the feature where it automatically directs you to the mobile version of some websites you visit. So I'm good to go. Well my wife liked my phone so much that, because she wasn't up for an upgrade, I began looking on ebay for her an android phone. I came across a really good deal on motorola droid. Ok so I get the phone and after she raises immortal hell about keeping the incredible instead of the moto droid, I give in and let her. Well to be honest after having the incredible for a month and now having the moto droid for a month I actually like the original droid better....except for I can't seem to find that option to turn off the mobile forwarding feature.

    For instance even if you type in a "ebay.com" it will still take you to the mobile version. My droid did not do this as you can simply go under the browser settings and undo the "Mobile view" for the enabling of mobile versions of web pages.

    I'd glady appreciate if anyone could tell me how to do this on my moto droid. Thanks in advance.

  2. VIO

    VIO Android Enthusiast

    in the stock browser in the URL bar type


    hit go. nothing will happen but if you go into your browser settings you will have more options, you want the one all the way at the bottom called UA String. Change that to desktop. You will need to do that every time you go into the browser (not persistent)

    Also most third party browsers (Dolphin, Opera, Skyfire) have that option by default, no need to go into debug mode.
  3. twinglock40z

    twinglock40z Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Cool. Thanks for the help. It's annoying hell but I only need to do it every now and then I guess.
  4. VIO

    VIO Android Enthusiast

    Yeah it is annoying especially if you don't like any of the other browsers.

    I did notice that my browser now has this option permanently, but that is probably a feature to the ROM i'm running...
  5. yzingerr

    yzingerr Well-Known Member

    Thanks VIO!!
    What rom are you running?

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