Turning off the Alarm Clock, Ice Cream Sandwich, Samsung Nexus S


When I'm using my Nexus S and the alarm clock goes off, I can't figure out any way to turn the alarm off without actually turning the phone off.

The volume buttons do nothing, the sleep/power button just turns the screen off, opening the alarm clock app and unchecking the alarms does nothing.

Anyone had this problem and found a solution?


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Not if I'm using the phone at the time, i.e. playing a game or typing a text message.

If the phone isn't being used the dismiss screen pops up when the alarm goes off, if not I can't get it on the screen in the first place.


The Doctor
I have a TW skinned phone so I can't be sure its the same, but as Logan had said, if you are in a game and the alarm goes off if you press home, it should be in the notification pull down bar.