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Turning on kickstand speaker?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by southcharlotte, Sep 11, 2011.

  1. southcharlotte

    Thread Starter

    How do I toggle the headphone speaker off and the kickstand speaker on while watching Netflix?

  2. dragonsamus

    dragonsamus Android Enthusiast

    My volume comes from the back speaker automatically.
  3. southcharlotte

    Thread Starter

    The rear speaker on my Thunderbolt doesn't come on for netflix, youtube, etc. Just the headphone.
  4. slimjoe

    slimjoe Well-Known Member

    Stupid question but do you still have the headphones plugged in? If they are, it defaults to that (the headphones). Unplug the headphones and the speaker will be used instead.
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  5. southcharlotte

    Thread Starter

    Not a stupid question - that's something I would do. No, the headphones are not plugged in. I only way I can listen is to plug in the headphones.
  6. slimjoe

    slimjoe Well-Known Member

    Without the headphones plugged in and using something that should play sound (netflix, music, or whatever), hit the volume up and make sure that the volume isn't all the way down. If I remember correctly, Sense has two different volumes for media when the headphones are plugged in and when they aren't.
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  7. southcharlotte

    Thread Starter

    That was it! I didn't think about different volumes for media. The sound was turned all the way down.

    Thanks a bunch.

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