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Few people were asking me that how to make Flash-able zips ? How to Cook their own Custom ROM ?
This is the right place for newbies / kick-starters who are willing to create their own ROM's and want to share their imagination to us .

A rooted Phone.
CWM(clockWorkMod) Recovery installed.
SD Card (Duh !).
A windows/Linux/Mac Machine.(i'll be using windows 7)
A Nandroid Backup Of Your ROM . (System.img as well as Boot.img)
Dsixda kitchen(I won't be writing how to setup the kitchen :/) Link - Here
Steps To Follow-
->After you have setup the kitchen sucessfully , Take System.img From Your Nandroid Backup And Throw it in the kitchen's directory . Like Your Kitchen is installed on C:/ Drive , So Throw it here - C:/Cygwin/Home/Username(This is ur user name)/orignal_update/.

->[Opening the kitchen] As of now u have throwed that system.img to its destination . Now you have to open the kitchen . For that Open Cygwin From Desktop . Write - 1) cd c: 2) cd cygwin 3)cd home 4)cd [ur username] 5) ./Menu

->Now kitchen has booted up select the working folder for Your ROM , By - Selecting option 1 from the menu.
->Then You Have freedom to do any thing in ur ROM . I recomend add root permissions then add busybox . If you want to mod some files in the ROM Like changing Name / editing build.prop / adding init.d tweaks(assuming that A75 already got init.d support) Then go to The folder C:/Cygwin/home/[username]/Wrorking_xxxx(xx represents Your ROM's name).
There u can see all the files of the ROM . Change whatever U want to .
-> After modding is over , time to create A flashabe Zip of your ROM . Open up the kitchen , select option 99 , It will do it's wrk , Apparently a screen would appear Saying "Select a build option" I'd reccomend to select option 1 . Several other options will come(i Won't be detailing them). When This would come "Update-script detected in ROM" - Never ever use UPDATE-SCRIPT In Your ROM ! . Instead kitchen would give u an option To use UPDATER-SCRIPT You have to select that one . Do not sign the ROM .

->Congratulations You Have just created Your Custom ROM ! U can find Your zip file in the output folder. Do add boot.img to the zip file and remove any old one present in the zip package . Modding can be done Now Also if u want .

->For customizing Framework Goto this site -

Most of the work Has been covered in this guide For creating a Flashable Zip / Custom ROM .
All I Just want from you guys is to press that nice little Thanks button below my post as a reward for my work !
Guide written By - gta

I Haven't copied anybody's work out there . This guide is written by ME only . So guys won't say - U copied his work bla bla etc .
Anybody is free to copy my work but just mention my name in credits :) .



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I am getting wn error saying that application clear is not installed in ur system without it , application will not run
Plz give me any solutions.