Jan 21, 2022
Bought a brand new CAT S60 (third one), I do the intial setup then once i get to the home screen it goes through the tutorial to show you how to use all the buttons. At the end of the tutorial it shows repeat and dismiss (see picture). These buttons are unresponsive and this screen cannot be cleared. I have hard reset and soft reset the phone, tried leaving it for hours and letting the battery die. When booted back up it will play the tutorial again and get stuck on the same screen. There is a short period of about 10 seconds where I have access to all the menus before the tutorial takes over the screen. Have not found anyone else with this same issue, PLEASE HELP! I do not want to return this only to buy another and have the same issue.
save yourself and get a better phone. if rebooting and factory reset does not fix it, you can either return it, or see if your provider knows a way to get it working. but at this point there is no setting or button pushing that will fix your issue.
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