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Discussion in 'Android Development' started by Z3R0115, Feb 5, 2011.

  1. Z3R0115

    Z3R0115 Newbie
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    So I have my java sdk, eclipse, avd, everything I need installed,

    but I can't seem to find a decent tutorial (except for thenewboston/bucky but he just started a week ago and his are always days apart, at the rate hes going I won't be learning much at all)

    Is there a DECENT tutorial around that will start at the basics of programming for android,

    because I can learn java, and xml, and such as much as I want but for all I know half of it wont be any use for making apk's and atm I can't even make it say anything other than "ANDROID_"

    So if theres a site online with a pretty straight forward tutorial/set of tutorials specifically for android it'd be greatly appreciated. Preferably current but if it gets the job then I won't complain

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  2. miXer

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  3. Z3R0115

    Z3R0115 Newbie
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